evy's writings on community living

from experiences living at The Village and other miscellaneous musings

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2024 Jan 22
meetings vs slack: where and how we make decisions
2023 July 11
parenting at the village: an interview with Sam
2023 June 30
nickel and diming: when getting into the details hurts the overall goal
2023 May 17
the double occupancy dilemma: should you pay more to share a room?
2023 May 2
speak up, speak together: decision-making that values the individual and the collective
2023 April 2
food in common: navigating food feelings and feeding a village
2023 Feb 11
subletting and recruiting: an edge case we discovered and how we solved it
2023 Jan 25
actually doing do-ocracy: the nuances and stumbling blocks of getting stuff done in a big community
2023 Jan 24
put a pin on it: solving the dishes problem
2022 Oct 26
fist to five: making decisions efficiently
2022 Sep 16
connecting a multi-unit home