a case for selfies

from evy's notebook
Do you take selfies regularly? I highly recommend it.
I understand if you think selfies are frivolous or vain, but maybe we could use a little more vanity while living in a society that scrutinizes people's appearances so frequently. If you look in the mirror some time and like what you see, consider taking a selfie to commemorate that moment. Celebrate your body, your face, your outfit.
A selfie can be taken just for you and no one else, as a private exploration of your aesthetic. If you don't like pictures other people take of you, consider the benefits of the selfie: you can see what you look like before you take the picture, you can take as many pictures as you want until you find an angle you enjoy, and you can delete any picture you don't like.
Selfies provide an opportunity for quick iteration. Selfie-taking is a skill, and it might take some practice before you really like your selfies. As you figure out what poses, clothes, lighting, angles, and framing help you enjoy the way you look in a selfie, perhaps you'll experience more frequent moments of enjoying the way you look. You might even end up developing a greater overall appreciation for the way you look in any moment.
I know appearances aren't everything, but it seems hard to live in this world and not have some feelings about the way you look. So why not explore what you like about your appearance? Put on some clothes just because you like them, position your body and face in a certain way because it feels good to you - and capture that moment in a selfie.