a well designed fitness class

from evy's notebook

Teaching is a complicated and fascinating craft - designing the lesson plan, communicating ideas clearly, interacting with students in an engaging way. Teaching a fitness class is no exception. I've been attending fitness classes regularly for about seven years with countless instructors, and I recently realized just how many opinions I have about what makes a good fitness class.

This list is made with a "bootcamp" type workout in mind (cardio and strength exercises like burpees or squats), but a lot of the same ideas apply to other classes I've attended frequently like yoga and zumba.

It's been fun thinking about what I enjoy in a fitness class, and I bet a lot of these strategies could be adapted to other non-fitness teaching environments. Noticing what I enjoy as a student has helped me be a lot more deliberate about which classes I've attended over the years, and has helped me find the joy in fitness that has kept me coming back.