achieving our dreams

from evy's notebook

It's evening and my housemates have just come home. They're bubbly from a night out, and we meet in the kitchen to talk about our days. We're up to such cool shit these days, and it's inspiring.

Somehow we end up standing in a circle, holding hands and swaying as we chant "achieving our dreams!" over and over. I know that these friends will support me to be my best self. I'm so grateful they're a part of my life.

The next day, one of them sends us a calendar invite:

Achieving Our Dreams

When: Saturday 9:30-11am, recurring
Where: the coffee shop on the corner

What is it? Time for us to work on our dreams. The rules are simple: show up for the morning to do focused work on a task you wouldn't have prioritized otherwise, and that specifically helps you work towards your dreams and prioritizes the things you really want

Bonus points for: creative work, long-term but non-urgent projects, cool things you've been procrastinating.

* * *

I've been attending Achieving Our Dreams for over a year now. The work I've done in these mornings has included:

It's hard to prioritize some of the things that I want to do for myself. These weekend morning sessions have brought me opportunities to focus on activities that have brought so much goodness into my life. And my favourite part is doing it with friends, encouraging each other as we all achieve our dreams.