an ode to song lyrics

from evy's notebook

This is an ode to song lyrics. To the lyrics I looked up every time I downloaded a song onto my iPod. To the lyrics I sang loudly on my walks to school. And especially to the lyrics I wrote everywhere to surround me at all times.

Scribbles in the margins of test papers, later joined by confused questions in red pen. Doodles cut out and taped to the inside of my locker. Selfies carefully edited on Picnik.com with heavy filters, fun fonts, and words that felt so deep and incredibly relevant to my life.

But most of all, this an ode to song lyrics in status messages. Whether it was a shout out to my best friend, a "subtle" flirt I hoped my crush would see, or a broad expression of teenage angst and sadness, my status messages in grade school were almost always song lyrics.

It feels too immature now to use song lyrics to communicate passive aggressively or to scream to the world how sad I am. But I still want to. It still crosses my mind all the time. This is an ode to my past and to that ongoing longing.

♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♫♪ there's a fine line between love and hate