building together

a play written in the neo-futuristic aesthetic | shared in evy's notebook

prompt: living newspaper. written about a current event on a piece of newspaper given to me in class, using only words found in a handprint i traced over the news article

setup: evy dumps a bunch of table-tennis balls onto a table and the balls scatter over the floor. they try to pick them up and gather them on the table. they recite the poem. as they get a few that stay on the table, they try to stack the balls into little pyramids, though they’ll probably fall apart and fall off the table again


Moonscapes, missiles, and militants
Continuing with no clear victory
Stay home, evacuate, whatever
All is aflame

This is remnants of past devastation

I hold what could be:
People bringing aid to others,
Building new government,
Building new strategy, together, to fundamentally change

evy looks at the situation. they pick up some balls and keep trying to work towards their impossible goal. they make eye contact with the audience, in a silent plea for help.

evy repeats the poem, pausing occasionally to see if anyone in the audience will help, eventually making hand motions to encourage people more strongly

evy repeats the poem until someone helps them during a recitation. maybe the group of them get a bit further in the task by working together. maybe they don’t.