care guide for an anxious evy

from evy's notebook

If you encounter an evy with any of the following traits, they might be feeling anxious:

It may be difficult for evy to ask directly for support because of a fear of others feeling pressured into helping. If you would like to care for them, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Reflect on your inner state. Do you want to engage? Are you able to set boundaries if you need to disengage or change the flow of the conversation? Only offer care if you can do it honestly.
  2. Ask evy how they are feeling. They will probably answer honestly, and this will help you confirm if they are anxious.
  3. Make a genuine offer to do any of the following:

Thank you for reading this care guide. Please note that effectiveness may vary. For further detail or feedback, please contact your local cheerful evy.