habit stickers

from evy's notebook

Mid-2021, I started a new habit tracking system. I've been alternating between physical and digital systems recently, and this one involves marking things I've done by putting stickers into a daily planner notebook. I have a sticker for each activity I strive to do most days, and I place the relevant stickers on the days that I achieve them.

A new feature of this system is that it also keep track of procrastinated tasks or events that I'd like to eventually get to. I write the tasks on small labels, and place them on the day that I accomplish them.

Like all habit trackers, this system incentivizes thinking about my aspirational habits in certain ways:

I love experimenting with different habit trackers, and this one has been great for almost half a year! I also love to see how people set up their own habit trackers, and you can anonymously contribute a picture to my collection here.