from evy's notebook

Interrupting is generally considered rude or bad, but I interrupt people all the time. I even think it's mostly beneficial to the conversations I have. I'm often nervous about how much I interrupt people, because I know that it's easy to annoy or hurt people, but there are several ways that I think interrupting improves my conversations:

These outcomes don't always have to come from interrupting someone. I'm assuming a situation where someone is talking for an extended period of time, such that I get to the point where interrupting could notably improve one of the points above. Maybe I'm miscalibrated, but I do find that this happens quite often! But it's also easier to interupt when the interruptions feel skillful. There are several things I try to do to help interruptions be a positive experience for the person who was speaking.

Interrupting is a skill, and it's one I'm still actively practicing. I'm hoping that by exploring these ideas in this post, I can help myself be more thoughtful and intentional when I interrupt others. Through knowing what I want from interrupting and practicing doing it in constructive ways, I hope to have more conversations with others that we can both really enjoy.