non-illusory paradox

a play written in the neo-futuristic aesthetic | shared in evy's notebook

setup: Kriss and Evy walk up to each other and have a conversation.

E: hey Kriss!

K: hey Evy

E: how's it going?

K: I'm actually extremely angry right now

E: oh, why?

K: I wouldn't know, you wrote that line for me. I'm not even mad.

E: I asked you a question, even though I already knew what you'd say.

K: We had the audience believe we were having a true conversation when we weren't

E: if we were pretending, then it wasn't nonillusory, it wasn't in the neofuturist aesthetic

K: we're not lying to the audience anymore though

E: right -- we're having a fake conversation ...but honestly!

K: so is this a nonillusory play then?

E: *shrugs*

K: thank you for being such a great classmate by the way. you're so clever and creative

E: aw thanks

K: you wrote that line too

E: curtain!