notes in music scores

from evy's notebook

There's an app I want to exist for taking notes directly on sheet music (these notes are usually called "markings"). I've wanted this app for a long time. I don't particularly want to make this app, partially because it seems like more coding work than I usually like to do in my spare time, and partially because I'm not sure if I'll have enough opportunities to use it now that I no longer take music classes or attend ensemble rehearsals.

But here are the features I'd like it to have:

My desire for this app comes from a love of marking my music and scores with way too many pencil markings to be parsable. I've been playing more piano recently and have returned to some pieces I learned years ago and spent a lot of time practicing.

there's a lot to take in here

When I add a lot of markings, it becomes harder to remember which are reminders of things I've mostly addressed and which are notes I should be paying attention to every time I practice. Sometimes I avoid adding new markings or writing them out in as much detail as I want. Sometimes I'll erase old markings, but I usually avoid this out of fear that I'll later forget what they taught me. Each marking is a gift - from a music teacher or from my own efforts of self reflection - I want to hoard them all but still be able to read my music and focus on whatever I want to practice each day!

Well, if anyone knows of an app that does anything close to this, or wants to build this and let me use it, definitely hit me up!