repaint the walls

from evy's notebook
Things are feeling a little boring around here.
Let's change things up a little, shall we?
blue <3 what a soft and pretty colour.
blue was my favourite colour as a kid, but then corporations had to go and make all their logos blue, and that put a bit of a damper in things. i also had to stop buying as many pretty blue shirts because i was having trouble coordinating them with blue jeans.
blue is everywhere - and it's a great colour, in a mainstream kinda way.
Red is probably the colour that evokes the strongest emotional reaction in me. It's BOLD, intense, exciting!
Red is sexy lipstick. Red is fire and sunsets and feeling alive. Red is wringing bright blood out of my clothes in the sink and pretending I'm badass instead of just on my period.
Red catches my eye from across the room, it screams for your attention, it makes itself heard.
When things are feeling boring, a bit of red hypes me up again. Fantastic choice!
I don't have many feelings about orange. My mom didn't like orange very much, which probably influenced me, so maybe I just never gave it a chance. When I think of orange, why don't I imagine fire or sunsets or autumn leaves? Instead I just think "meh" and move on.
I feel like orange generally gets less attention than most other colours (in America, at least). Emoji hearts of every other colour of the rainbow were included in Unicode by 2010, but orange was only added in 2017 - what's up with that?