from evy's notebook

Writing daily is starting to feel repetitive, which is probably reasonable considering that I'm literally repeating this process every day.

Though when I say repetitive, I also mean boring. The pages of this notebook are starting to blur together. Why am I here? What's the point? Sure, I have long-term goals to improve my writing. But that isn't great for daily motivation.

What really gets me going are those moments of good good brain feels. I keep my eye out for them, I take notes, I try to replicate them.

The moment when a writing idea solidifies in my mind, seemingly out of nowhere. When a wandering mind - not looking for anything in particular - stumbles upon an interesting topic, a unique writing style, or an experiment to try.

Experiments! The promise of personal growth if I challenge myself to do something that's a little different. The excitement of novelty.

Sentences delicately formed with carefully selected words, an edit that dramatically... look, I'm feeling a lot of pressure to make this sentence very pretty, but the point is that sometimes I write words that read real nice and it feels real good.

Am I just wandering through this project in search of dopamine and compliments? Is that practice? Am I getting better?