san francisco spots

from evy's notebook

scott street labyrinth

A flat concrete labyrinth, tucked behind Duboce Park and encircled by a mosaic of colorful tiles. The maze has no forks in its path -- wander down the winding path and you'll eventually reach the center. If you take one step per slow inhale or exhale, it will take half an hour to walk to the center (though most walk it faster). Look nearby for a miniature version of the labyrinth, built to be traced with fingers instead of feet.

pearl spa

There are many excellent bathhouse spas of hot tubs and saunas in San Francisco, but Pearl is a special one. The space is small, clean, and quiet. The dressing room counters are covered in an assortment of snacks, face masks, and bottles of lotions shared between guests. Upstairs, visitors can rest over a bed of small hot clay balls.

(This spa is only open to women, and requires nudity while in the pools.)

source: pearlspasf.com

luna rienne

A gallery of delightfully strange art, set up in the meandering spaces of a neighborhood home. The directors of the gallery live upstairs and love to talk about the art and curation process. New pieces are added monthly, often accompanied by lively shows.

tribal baroque

This mesmerizing duo's self-described "prayformances" can be witnessed regularly in a tucked-away staircase across from the Conservatory of Flowers. They exude playfulness in their improvised song and dance, and their soaring voices and fiddle melodies echo each other and fill the tunnel behind them.

national aids memorial grove

A stream meandering beneath trees that are flowing with sunlight. A circle of ten boulders resting under the shade of surrounding redwoods. The memorial grove was built to be a healing sanctuary for those affected by the AIDS pandemic, and fresh flowers are regularly left by visitors.