six sweet spaces

from evy's notebook

I've discovered some pretty fantastic corners of the internet lately. Here are six of them:

library takeout

Who knew a song about how to get library books during covid would be such a bop? I love all the synth sounds, I love the harmonies, and I especially love the animation of a person dancing that is just one drawing horizontally flipped back and forth.

404 page

I've been on the lookout for fun and new things people are doing on websites, and I love how The Creative Independent's 404 Not Found page lets you write notes on it, "like the blank last page of a book". I might try making something similar for this site :)

mail blog

As someone who writes newsletters and notebook posts, enjoys the zine aesthetic, and is excited every time I receive a package, I love the idea of a blog that's sent out by mail.

refrigerator poetry

I enjoy this app to write poetry on a shared fridge for many of the same reasons I love this blackout poetry generator and making collage art. It's fun to write poetry limited by a finite set of words. It's comforting and approachable to create art within constraints.


Eschaton is an interactive online event, a maze of zoom rooms featuring magicians, pole dancers, drag queens, magicians, viola-playing comedians, flame-eating belly-dancers, and so much more. The event only lasts an hour, but there is way more to see than time to see it, so I've returned to eschaton several times over the past few months.

gossip's web

Sometimes it's hard to find weird fun things on the internet, and I'm really grateful to Elliott for spending a lot of time crafting small community websites for sharing thoughts and links other fun places. Gossip's Web is Elliott's latest project: a place for sharing handmade (as opposed to commercial news, or ad-driven) websites, experiments, writing, and music.