from evy's notebook

written at queer writing club, from the prompt "What does queer friendship, queer love, and/or queer sex mean to you?"

When I hold you, I feel grounded. Stillness
flowing through the air. Curls falling
soft beside rosy cheeks.
I hold the curve of your waist and the ground
holds me in sturdy embrace.

I am not destined to smallness
to be little spoon
to give up control
to be hurt
to feel powerless

And I love it it when your weight constrains me,
when the tips of the small colorful striped flags you grabbed from your desk
sting against my skin,
and when you are strong where I am not.

But I have learned to care for you,
and when your pretty face looks up into mine
I feel strong in ways I never had before,
And I love how that’s changed how I face the world.