tell yourself the truth

from evy's notebook

@vahavta #lovemywordschallenge day four: "tell yourself the truth"

The truth is that there is no truth. There's no truth that I can put words to for you, for there will always be "but what about" and "that's not what matters" and "it's more complicated than that".

The truth is that there are so many beautiful contradictions and nuances in the world to explore, and through exploring them you will find fulfillment. Or happiness. Or frustration. Or all of those. Or none of them.

The truth is that rest is necessary and healing and boring, and challenging yourself is rewarding and scary and exhausting, and spontaneity is fun, and planning is important for you, and communities will care for you and you will need to care for yourself. And you'll be able to.

The truth is you know a lot but it's hard to see it all at once. Keep looking. Keep writing. Words can't be perfect but they will connect you with yourself and others, and that's what lights you up and makes you feel alive.