thank god for mediocrity

a play written in the neo-futuristic aesthetic | shared in evy's notebook

prompt: a time you were saved

setup: evy sitting on the floor drawing flowers on piece of paper in various ways

i used to write a lot and share it with people on facebook and have interesting conversations with people in the comments. when people stopped going on facebook, i switched to a newsletter. somewhere along the way, i started falling prey to the desire for attention and likes and comments. i was afraid to write something bad. i was afraid of rejection from people, or even just silence.

what brought me out, what saved me, was writing a short piece that i posted on a website every day while a friend did the same. i wrote for 24 days straight. i wrote even if i didn't come up with an idea i liked. i became more comfortable with mediocrity, i experimented with new things that pleasantly surprised me, and i still sometimes shared the writing with friends.

the more i make things that feel pretty mediocre at first glance, the more i enjoy it. there's an aesthetic there, and it feels more real. it feels more fun.