the path less traveled

from evy's notebook

I've been going on a lot more walks these past few months. Meandering with no direction or destination in mind, I find that I'm frequently asking myself which way to turn.

Generally, I pick the path with fewer people.

When I reach a street intersection, I turn down the emptiest sidewalk. When I'm in Golden Gate Park, dirt trails lure me into forests hidden away from the busyness of paved roads.

Small, quiet paths have been enticing to me even before they reduced my chances of worrying about maskless strangers. It's an adventure to explore a space that few have wandered through - and when I inevitably find something cool hidden away, it feels like I've discovered a secret treat.

Narrow dirt paths are soft under my feet and close to the trees. They bring me peace in a time where the world is hectic and troubling.

Though, I've occasionally found myself wading through bushes of stinging nettle - there are reasons that some paths are less traveled.