trees of san francisco

from evy's notebook

Why do they grow sideways? What do they stretch towards? Do they find comfort in the ground the way I find comfort in the sun? Why do they twist and tangle so? Do they... dive back into the ground? Perhaps I'm looking at roots above ground. These trees confuse and delight me.

This tree greets me with the softness of a beloved childhood plushie or elderly shaggy dog. I want to fall into its fluff and sleep amongst the flowers.

Every limb on this tree seems carefully calculated in its placement, stacking and swirling so neatly. It stands so determinedly tall and bright, as its shadowed branches reach out in every direction. When I look at this tree, my back gets a little straighter.

I want to explore this tree. I want to swing from its dangly bits and climb high into its branches. I want to crawl between its raised roots and nap in the nooks they create. I want to be enveloped in the massiveness of this tree and leave everything else behind.