village wonders

from evy's notebook

I recently moved into a community home called The Village that's centred around living with children. It started only a few months ago, so we've been busy setting up the house both physically and culturally. One thing that's helped us make this house really wonderful is the idea of doocracy: if something is cheap and easily reversible, people can do it without asking for permission first as long as they let people know afterwards.

Here are some of my favourite doocratic actions of the past few months!

labeling light switches

There are a lot of lights in this three-floor house an I used to fumble around flipping switches until the desired light would turn on or off. Now I know what each switch does! Bonus labels from the three-year-old.


Several housemates have been working on growing herbs and vegetables in their rooms and in the backyard!

laundry improvements

Who left their laundry in the washing machine? Is it okay to switch it over? What happens if the dryer is already full? Thanks to doocracy, we now have systems for these.

furniture experiments

Does the living rom look better with the furniture in a different configuration? Why not try it? I love how willing people are to switch things up just to see if we like it better.

tea station

A station for brewing tea, complete with a kettle, a variety of tea bags and leaves, cutesy handmade decor, and tea puns. It brings me so much joy!

spontaneous silliness

Silly doodles and poetry show up around the house all the time! I love living with such thoughtful and goofy people. <3