waiting for safety

a play written in the neo-futuristic aesthetic | shared in evy's notebook

prompt: Write a play about something topical in the news, that would be stale or irrelevant in one month. Make specific choices for staging and lighting that are not just "stand center stage" and "general wash".

[rain sounds playing]

[evy is standing center-back stage. a flashlight is illuminating their front and the wall behind them. this flashlight is adjustable and can control how big a circle of light it creates. right now there is a very wide circle around evy’s body]

evy: Illinois, Kentucky, St Louis, Death Valley.

[As evy continues to speak, the circle gradually gets smaller. It continues to cover their face and the wall above their face, but as the circle gets smaller it moves up their legs.]

Over the span of two weeks, four flash floods occurred across the country, each caused by "1000-year rain events" -- which means that there was a point one percent chance of that much rain falling there this year.

[evy backs up to stay more in the light]

Seems like the chances are getting higher.

[evy slowly climbs onto a chair to keep their body in the light. the light continues to illuminate the upper part of their body and a bit above their head, slowly moving closer and upwards (like water levels rising)]

I want to help dismantle systems of harm. For many social issues, I feel like there are things I can do to help. For climate change, I feel powerless. Recycling in my home and turning off the light aren't going to help, even if you all did it too.

[at this point the light covers evy's face and a head-worth of space above their head. evy moves onto their tip toes as the light reduces to be only on their face and nothing else]

What we need is for corporations to stop dumping carbon dioxide into the air. What we need is for politicians to make it happen.

[at this point evy is on full tip toes and light is only on evy's face]

I feel like all I can do is watch and wait.

[light goes out]

Last Friday a new climate bill was passed. People who know things seem hopeful and excited that this can make a difference.

[light turns back on (a little wider so that evy doesn't have to tip toe)]

Maybe there’s hope.