what i think about while brushing my teeth

a play written in the neo-futuristic aesthetic | shared in evy's notebook

[singing while brushing my teeth, in the key of the electric toothbrush’s drone note]

I wish dental insurance was better regulated I wish my teeth weren't luxury bones I wish I could answer more of my questions Without calling someone on the phone

I started a book this week And the characters in it are sad I can't tell if it's fun entertaining distraction Or if I'm just making myself feel bad

I wish I could focus for just two minutes That would be just spectacular I have no idea which teeth I've brushed so far So I'll do em all once more to be sure

[hums for a bit]

I hate doing boring things [repeat 3x, with some pauses/humming]

[toothbrush stops at the 2min mark]

[spoken] great

[spits out toothpaste into a bowl]