wonder / wander

from evy's notebook

Things feel bad. Would you sit with me for a little while?

I don't want to vent, I want to be seen. Perhaps you could help me draw a map, explore my experiences, wander with me through unpaved territory.

I don't want uninformed advice, I want you to understand. My thoughts swirl, iterating over all of the context and stories and pieces of my life that have brought me to this point, this moment where things feel bad and my thoughts are a lot to hold on my own. Would you hold them with me for a little while?

Let's be curious together. Let's ask questions, flip through the layers of emotions of my hurt and wonder how they feel in my body. Ask me if I want things to be different, and wonder what actions I've considered. Trust that I've thought about this, and that there are reasons that this isn't easy for me.

Once we've wandered these thoughts and experiences scattered throughout my consciousness, once I trust that you see and that you understand, perhaps we can then discover new paths and new places. Ah, the joy of finding new insight. How comforting to collapse complexity into a simple solution, or perhaps journey deep into fascinating nuance.

There's lots to explore, and so much to understand about ourselves and the world. I know there's a place that does not feel so bad - would you help me search for a path there?