words of connection

from evy's notebook

Hi friend,

It feels vulnerable and attention-seeking to tell you this, but I love it when you compliment me. I often feel close to you, and I love knowing when you feel it too. When you appreciate something I did and notice that feeling and tell me, I get to do that thing more and nurture our connection. When you show me ways I am wonderful, I love myself more deeply. When you show me how much you care, I feel supported and invincible.

We’re both dynamic humans, capable of change. Our friendship transforms in every moment and I don’t expect it to last forever. I love when today’s you shares what you appreciate about knowing today’s me. Maybe I said something interesting, or helped you, or demonstrated a skill you admire. It’s fun to hear what I did and how you felt. It’s nice to learn how these things affect us, our relationship, our connection.

The connection between us feels so tangible and alive. It glows when I want to reach out to you, and again when you greet me with excitement. It glows when you acknowledge the work I put into our relationship. It glows when I’m scared and you thank me for being vulnerable around you. I’ve learned that it’s connections like these that light me up with joy and ground me into the best version of myself.

You help me feel kind, and smart, and loving. You show me the ways that I am interesting and helpful. You make my life more interesting by helping me dive deeper into exciting parts of myself. You bring me so much happiness, my friend. I’m grateful for our friendship. I appreciate your appreciation for me so much.