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Came across at Santa Rosa Zinefest and could tell flipping thru that it was something I needed. “hit da bricks” esp, because I recently found the psychic wherewithal to quit a job that had structured my life since b4 the pandemic. As for what now? I think “do scary shit”, “ask for what you want”, “every choice feels wrong”, “motivations other than fear”…well, I guess the whole zine will be a standby:) Thx evy!!!


I went through some old mail today and was delighted to come across your zine which I'd forgotten about. How thoughtful and helpful and beautifully put together! Thanks for making my evening.


This was beautiful :~) I especially loved the sections on “hit da bricks” and “ask for what you want”!


This zine was very helpful even though anxiety is not a core struggle for me, tyty


Took the words out of my brain! Anxiety for me has been a pain staking process of self-education, given how little these topics are discussed. I only wish I had read this zine 5 or 6 years ago to maybe stave off a few panic attacks, but am nonetheless deeply grateful for and validated by the author.


I read it last night and I really appreciate and respect what you are working on and sharing in your life. Your writing is clear personal and engaging. I found I couldn't stop until I read it all. Hope you keep working at it and share it with others. I'm pretty sure it will help others who are struggling with anxiety and touch them in a way that sometimes professionals don't.

Cat with short legs:

Zines I've previously read were personal art/ poetry focused, but this one turned out to be a really helpful general guide to anxiety. I got a couple of great tips, like reframing your fears as positive motivations. I appreciate the time and care that was put into making each piece short, sweet, and personable with clear takeaways, meow.