put a pin on it

solving the dishes problem

Dirty dishes left in the sink! The most common conflict that tears houses apart. One person innocently forgets a dish. Others add to the pile. The pile gets so tall that dishes can’t even be easily washed in the sink anymore. Even if each resident only leaves one dish -- 15 dishes in the sink is a monster to be reckoned with.

The most common solution I’ve seen to this is using clothespins with names written on them.

If someone needs to leave a dish before they can wash it, they put their clothespin on it to mark that it’s theirs and that they intend to return to it.

This is helpful for many reasons!

The main issue I've seen with this system is people forgetting to use the clothespins. Keeping the clothespins stored as close as possible to where they would be used can help with this (e.g. above the sink).

Clothespins can be used for many other temporary labeling needs:

The possibilities are endless!

a project left in common space

beans soaking

whose clothes are in the laundry